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Attendance Expectations

Attendance is the basis for social and academic growth. Should your child attend less than 75% of the time, he or she will need to be evaluated to determine if retention is necessary. Makeup assignments will be distributed to those students who miss more than four classes a semester unless prior arrangements have been made.

Schedule and Late Arrival

Classes begin promptly at 9:30am on Sundays, please make every effort to have your child(ren) in school before class begins .

Early Dismissal

A student must have a written note from a parent/guardian brought to the Religious School office prior to the start of classes. This note must also be presented to the teacher. No student may leave the building without prior approval. Attendance is taken in each session.

School Closings

If classes are canceled due to poor weather conditions, announcements will be made on the local television and radio stations. There also will be a message on the Religious School telephone and we will endeavor to call parents at the primary telephone number listed in our school records.

Traffic Rules

Along the south side parking area, there will be a “NO TRAFFIC ZONE” marked by orange traffic cones. Students may be dropped off at the Chapel entrance or in the south side parking lot anywhere along this “NO TRAFFIC ZONE.” The speed limit is 5mph at ALL times. There is no adult supervision by the synagogue entrance on Sunday mornings and NO child(ren) may be dropped off there. 


In the event of an emergency, we will make every effort to contact the parent/guardian. If a parent/guardian cannot be reached, we will contact the emergency name listed on the Registration Form. In an extreme emergency, an ambulance will be called to take a student to a hospital emergency room. Please advise the Religious School office in writing of a change to the Emergency Information.



Behavior Expectations

At all times, students must be aware that they are involved in education in a religious setting. Kavod (respect/honor) is what makes our school special. Respect for the Rabbis, teachers, other students, and for property is expected. Self-respect is the key to honoring others and receiving honor from others.


Most disciplinary problems in the classroom can be handled by warnings from the teacher or by a meeting with the child, the Director of Youth Education, and the parent/guardian. However, persistent inappropriate behavior in the classroom interferes with the rights of others to learn. All children with persistent discipline needs will be subject to the discipline procedure.

Dress Code

Respect for the Religious School and Worship should be reflected in your child(ren)’s dress. Appropriate dress enhances the learning atmosphere and creates a positive environment for the students and the faculty. Those students with statements about drugs/alcohol or inappropriate symbols or words on their clothing will be asked to cover up or change his or her clothes.

Personal Audio Equipment & Cell Phone Use

Students are not permitted to use cellular phones or any personal audio equipment during class. The use of these items inhibits social interactions and may endanger students in emergency situations. Please keep these personal items at home. Temple Oheb Shalom will not be held responsible for lost or damaged equipment.


We consider communication between the school, the parents/guardians, and the students to be a high priority. Please feel welcome to approach faculty or staff to share your ideas, input, and feedback. We are working WITH you to provide the most welcoming environment for your child(ren).

Zero Tolerance Policy

No person shall possess a Controlled Dangerous Substance (drugs), alcohol, or weapon of any kind on Temple property. Weapons include, but are not limited to firearms, guns, ammunition, knives, any type of blades, or any explosive materials. Violations will result in immediate expulsion.



Student Responsibilities and Supplies

Textbooks, workbooks, and login information will be distributed toward the beginning of the year. Replacement of any lost supplies is at the expense of the family. Students should be prepared for school with textbooks, a notebook and pens/pencils at each session unless otherwise instructed by the teacher. Students are responsible for all work covered when they are absent. Parents/guardians may call the school office to request work assignments for their child(ren). Students should call the teacher or a classmate to find out what was covered during the class(es) they missed, as well as any homework assignment(s).


Your child is assessed by his/her teachers in a class through class participation, class work, homework, and behavior. Student evaluations are based on these criteria and are e-mailed to parents by the Religious School staff. If at any time you would like to meet to discuss your child’s progress, please do not hesitate to contact his/her classroom teacher(s) directly.

Confidential Information

Please share any information pertaining to your child’s learning capabilities and emotional/psychological development. It is important for the Religious School and your child’s teacher to be informed so that we may provide each student with a quality Jewish education in a safe environment. Please share any effective behavior management and/or learning techniques and events in your child’s life that may impact on his/her learning and behavior with our staff so we may better serve each child. We must know if your child is taking medication and the name and possible side effects of such medication. This information is only used by the Director of Youth Education and the student’s teacher(s). Please provide all information in writing.


In addition to weekly t'filah at school, we strongly encourage students and families to attend all holiday and monthly Shabbat family services. These services are geared to student interests and subjects they study.

Our Mission

Temple Oheb Shalom is a Reform Jewish congregation dedicated to nurturing future generations of Jews by sustaining and strengthening Jewish life through sacred experiences and lifelong learning. 

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